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Product / Business

To create a great company or product isn’t enough. If you want to be successful, you need to take steps to plan and execute a well-timed, unforgettable launch that will bring your product or service to the attention of more potential customers in your targeted location.

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Launching a new product or business will be quite a challenge. It often comes with a lot of apprehension. Will our product be successful in the marketplace? Is our customer going to like it? Are they even going to know it’s there? Our focus is  what can we do to improve your company’s chances of success? And it all starts with planning and planning some more.

Product/Business Launch
Unleash your concept upon the World

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies must start promoting their product or service before they start selling. Furthermore, companies must find ways to distinguish themselves from the noise while giving early adopters the right first impression.

It is important to make a plan so that you don’t miss something.  By learning about your customers, writing compelling and exciting content, beta testing and deciding the promotional channels that will work best, you will have a successful launch filled with strategy and intention.

One of the reasons why testing is so essential is because it ensures that a first impression of a product is positive with buyers. After all, customers remember if you release a defective or unstable product or service, and it will sour the taste of your brand and they will look elsewhere.   The internet means shoppers have virtually endless options, and a disappointing service or product is unlikely to be given a second opportunity.

Digital marketing of new products and services is perfect for blogs and social media channels. If you do not diversify and utilize other avenues and channels to get the word out, it may fail.    Rather than reinvent the wheel, reach out to key influencers or trusted brand advocates that can help promote the brand even further.

It’s easy to lose sight of your goals while trying to launch a new product. It’s best to plan ahead and leave enough time for every step in the launch timeline to be completed — things will inevitably happen to change the course of your launch. In addition, you should review your the launch timeline to ensure it covers all the necessary tasks, from performing market research on your target audience to contacting influencers, and set clear objectives.

Providing a structured way to receive input – such as a landing page, an online forum or even a quick phone call – helps you to evaluate trends and measure the amount of times a specific request or response is made. It also supports your customer service team with a place to direct feedback to the development team to improve upon the process.

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That is a great question, and the answer could be yes.  If we think that you might I have contacts for setting those up.

We start to look at the branding, develop a digital strategy and a sales strategy to understand where we will start to market.  We will work on descriptions of the concept, packaging, website, social media, newsletters or blogging.

As soon as possible.  There are a lot of bases to cover and the more time the better.  That being said, we have been know to work miracles and launch successfully in less time.

If you are in a position to giveaway some of your product or service this is a wonderful idea.  You will be increasing your following and your exposure by holding a giveaway on social channels.

These are very beneficial to start at the beginning.  You will be able to get your customers contact information to reach them with newsletters or future offers and discounts.

PLANNING!  Make sure you have enough time for everything and then some, things happen all the time that we can’t plan for.  If you have a Plan B and a Plan C then you will be able to handle any unforeseen hurdle with ease.

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