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Social Media Management

Social media is too valuable to ignore, it is the second-most effective form of digital marketing, yet more than one-third of businesses have no social media presence at all. Is it because of time? Resources?  Knowledge?  We can help!

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Marketing for a small business is difficult, especially in the face of ever-changing digital trends. Running a small business requires wearing multiple hats, from finance to operations, and social media tends to be one of the core components that is often overlooked.  While some are confused, or afraid; when used correctly social media helps take the guessing out of digital marketing

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First and foremost, it is integral to have a social media presence for your small business. While some choose to join multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, others choose to focus on one platform. Social media strategy tends to be complex, we can help!

It is so important to develop a strategy for your social media channels. Having goals in place will help you build a more focused plan that cuts straight to the important matter, and you can adjust accordingly. Having benchmarks in place and dedicated performance indicators will also help you define success in Social Media.

Whether your business is in a rural town or in the city, every brand can leverage social media in a big way! In fact, consumers are also looking to engage with you on their favorite social platforms.

As customers spend more time on social media, the platforms also become the go-to source for product and brand information (Source: Forbes). So, maintaining a steady presence on social media is a must to attract and capture new leads and customers to your business.

Most people know that one of the best ways to advertise is through the use of social media. But are there differences in the way promotion is handled on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? There unquestionably are, let us help, contact us today.

Its frustrating to throw something agains the wall to see if it sticks, especially with your social media strategy and activites.  Social media platforms have amazing tools to help measure how effective any part of your channel is, from posts, to ads, to pictures and other content.

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The key is being predominately present on the social networks where your ideal customers spend the most time. So, if most of your followers and customers are active on Facebook as opposed to Twitter, then honing your Facebook marketing strategy makes business sense.

Share anything relevant and don’t worry about frequency, but if you aren’t sharing consistently I would recommend at least 3 times per week.

Both!  You should have acquisition campaigns set up acquiring new people and retargeting campaigns to reach people you already interact with.

This really depends on your product or service and your location.  If you have too little of a budget you will not win at auction and you will waste your money.  You should also know the difference of a boost and an ad.

That really depends on the channel you are using, it is different for each.  Each social media channel has a very specific way of posting and interacting with your audience.

That is why we are here!  We will handle everything from management, content creation, and promotions.  Get in touch with us!

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We love working with you to create personalized digital marketing tools and a strategy that suits your specific business needs.

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