Increase Web Sales

5 Cost-Effective Methods to Increase Web Sales

Are you getting a healthy amount of website traffic, but your conversion rate isn’t where you want it? It might be difficult to find where the disconnect is happening. 

The first step is to put yourself in the buyers’ shoes. What would you look for in your journey of researching and buying a product? Probably a combination of things. 

Let me walk you through. 

You’d first like to know this is a brand you can trust. You feel safe ordering a product through them because there’s reason to believe it will be quality. 

Next, you’d probably dig into learning about the specific product a bit more. Is this of good value to you? 

Last but not least, the checkout should be quick and easy. Nothing should discourage you from completing your purchase. 

So what’s the secret for ensuring a positive buyer journey? It only takes a few simple tweaks to your website. And you’ll be happy to know that you can do this on the cheap. 

Here’s how-

Convey Authenticity

True authenticity is easy to identify. It radiates through your entire brand. What’s more, it’s a determining factor of whether your product sells or not. 

But what does brand authenticity mean? An authentic brand is transparent. It has a clearly defined image and is honest in it’s public interactions. 

Likewise, your brand’s visual identity is an expression of authenticity. Including your logo and other branded design elements. If you need a professional logo for your business, try Logo Creator for free.

Showcase Social Proof

Social proof studies show that positive reviews have a major effect on customers’ decision to buy a product. It’s a quick and easy way to judge a product’s quality, before actually purchasing. Some forms of social proof include:

  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Expert or influencer recommendations
  • Certification

Pro tip: Create an engaging testimonial video with Vimeo. 

Attractive Product Images

Product photos should be created with care. It’s the first visual impression your customer will get of your product. Plus, photos can tell a customer whether the product matches the specific qualities they’re looking for.

Taking gorgeous product photos takes attention to detail.The first step is to learn what elements work to make your images pop. 

Check out Wix Academy’s product photography tips for an easy-to-follow, step by step explanation. In a nutshell, Wix will teach you how to use background, lighting, angle, style and scale to your advantage. 

Eliminate Uncertainty 

A major reason customers hesitate to buy is because they’re left with uncertainty that the product will work for them. They might have a few questions they need answered before committing to purchase. 

The first solution is simple- add an FAQ section to your website. It covers all grounds, leaving customers without any unanswered questions. If you’re a new business owner, you can sneak a look at your competitors’ FAQ section for an idea of what to cover. 

Second is, you offer a money back guarantee. This conveys confidence in your product. Plus the customer has added reassurance when going into their purchase. 

Uncomplicated Checkout

At this point your customer is impressed. They’re confident in the product, trust in the brand, and all of their questions are answered. It’s time to seal the deal. 

This step requires all of the smoothness and clarity as all of the steps leading to it. If just one small thing is off, it could be enough to discourage your customer from buying. Here’s what an optimal checkout procedure should include-

  • Visible/direct call to action
  • Clearly defined items list in the shopping cart
  • Several payment method options
  • Returning customer option for easier checkout
  • Easy instructions for shipment and payment

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