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Advertising, Promotions & Boosts- Social Media Marketing at Its Best

Most people know that one of the best ways to advertise is through the use of social media. But are there differences in the way promotion is handled on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? There unquestionably are, and we’re going to delve into these issues now.

Social Media Advertising



Facebook administrators often see a prompt that asks if they would like to boost a post to reach more viewers. “Boosting” means promoting inversion, or sending already existing content to a broader audience. There is a payment required for boosting, but deciding to “boost” content is reasonably easy to do since it can be accomplished within the Facebook page interface. Boosts can only be used on page post content that already has been written. Because of this factor, choosing to boost is only useful for increasing comments, shares, and likes on a particular post. This choice is excellent for content that already has top-notch organic engagement and when you are not directly selling anything, according to Katherine Raz of Small Craft Advisory.

Facebook Advertising

If you are looking to sell something on Facebook, you need to create an ad. The ads can be generated to fit into most budgets, but with two billion people using Facebook every month, the price will likely be worth it.

  • When you begin the process, you will select your audience manually based on items such as age, demographics, interests, behaviors, and location. This is your core audience.
  • Naturally, you will want to upload your contact list so that you can connect with your current customers via Facebook. This is your custom audience, which includes your customers and prospects, site visitors, those who use your mobile app.
  • Using your customer information, you will find people like the ones on your Facebook list. This is your lookalike audience, which uses the insights you have garnered from marketing on Facebook to reach others who might be interested in your products.

Facebook Promotions

From your published Facebook business page (you’ll need one if you don’t already have one), select Promote, and then Promote Your Page. Next, click the Audience section, then Create New Audience to choose an audience you are already using and to create new audiences based on gender, age, location, interests, demographics, and behaviors. Set your budget; review your payment method; set your duration, and click Promote.


Facebook has the capability of setting up the same advertisements you use on Facebook, on Instagram. The only difference will be that Instagram requires slightly modified video and image specs, but Ads Manager makes it possible to upload the same ad set for Instagram. Images and videos can be customized to work on both channels, but the text will appear the same across all ad placements.

What makes Instagram appealing to many advertisers is:

  • The clean and beautiful photos that take center stage on the app’s platform.
  • Videos that can also be used at lengths up to 60 seconds.
  • Single ads that contain more than one photo that can be viewed by swiping the screen.
  • The Instagram “stories ads.”
  • eLearning courses that are a part of getting started with Instagram.

New additions to the Instagram business plan include:

  • A business profile (including business address, contact information)
  • Insights about posts and followers
  • Posting promotions
  • Stats on best performing posts, best days of the week for posts’ performances, and demographic breakdown of followers


Marketing features on Twitter allow you to target your audiences, target the accounts they follow, and their general interests. You will be able to find niche exchanges about your biggest interests, along with keeping your finger on the pulse of the largest conversations. Budgets are flexible so you can find one that fits into your business’ purposes.

Advertising on Twitter will spotlight the hard work you accomplish through Tweet and account promotion. Promote Mode will set up a subscription to automatically promote your account and connect with experts for solutions. Your TwitterAdsHelp team will be there for you, too.

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