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Understanding Google Analytics: The Key to Navigating the Marketing Maze

Understanding Google Analytics

Did you know that Google Analytics is one of the most important tools you can leverage for your digital marketing?

You see, this robust tool helps you gauge the effectiveness of your website…whether what you’re doing is working or if you need to make adjustments. Monitoring your Google Analytics is crucial for measuring key metrics that will boost your traffic and online presence.

In fact, one of the first things HostGator recommends to website owners when launching a new site is getting tracking set up for Google Analytics. Yet, many small businesses gravely underuse this valuable tool that can highlight pertinent information needed to successfully grow their brands.

The Top 3 Benefits of Using Google Analytics for Your Website

Here are the big advantages of monitoring your Google Analytics for your digital marketing:

#1 Learn how people are finding your website

This is a huge benefit of Google Analytics. Not only is it vital to attract visitors, but you want to know how they found you.

So whether it’s through social media, organic search, paid advertising (Google AdWords), from a different website or a direct link (perhaps from your email campaign), understanding how people are finding your content will help you to focus more on what’s generating traffic.

Another thing to note is you can discover which keywords users are leveraging to find you. Great asset for building blog content or ad campaigns on what’s already attracting new visitors to your pages!

#2 Discover what’s popular content…and what’s not!

The essence of inbound marketing is creating content that your ideal customer would find valuable. In other words, you want to produce more of what they want and deem helpful.

Therefore, learning what’s popular positions you to give the people exactly that! Your Google Analytics will let you know your most visited content. By working smarter with your content strategy, you can repurpose this content into different forms to significantly increase exposure.

#3 Track your form and other conversions

Forms are useful assets in helping you engage your visitor and collect data from them. By completing these fields, they’re taking the next step in the buyer’s journey to stay connected with your brand.

So tracking your forms and its effectiveness is an important metric. The good news is, you can set up tracking in Google Analytics based on the actions you desire from your visitors. This includes filling out a form, opting in your email list, or even making a purchase.

There’s so much more!

Another big benefit worth mentioning is that Google Analytics is free! Gain access to all of this important information that will help you improve your SEO efforts and get in front of your ideal customer.

Keep in mind this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are other valuable components of Google Analytics such as Google Search Console, Google AMP Reports, analyzing how users are engaging you’re your website, eCommerce tracking, and understanding the demographics that are all geared to help you progress your digital marketing efforts.

To understand more about how Google Analytics can help you with your online objectives, reach out to us for a free consultation!

Why SEO Is Important for Small Businesses

Now, speaking of SEO (or search engine optimization), your business absolutely needs this strategy working in your digital marketing.

You see, SEO positions you to show up when potential customers are looking for you online. By strategically optimizing your website and blog content with your keyword (primary and semantic ones), you’re likely to be found by your ideal client.

How does this relate to Google Analytics? First, your analytics will show you what keyword phrases people are already using to find you. Therefore, you can capitalize on these by creating more content around these phrases.

Secondly, you can gauge your new keywords to see what’s driving results. Whether you’re looking to rank using local SEO tactics, leveraging “low hanging fruit” keywords or ones you know are a great fit based on keyword research and competitive analysis, your Google Analytics will monitor these results so you can optimize on the phrases that are driving people to your pages.


Understanding Google Analytics is not an option in 2019. The benefits of using this tool are too great to ignore. It’s one of the best ways to formulate and hone your digital marketing strategy to create success online.

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