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Website Design is the Key to Success

When you meet a new person, you only have seven seconds to make a first impression. When it comes to websites, you’ve got less than one. That’s why website design is the key to the success of your company regardless of the niche it’s filling.

If your goal is to catch a potential client’s attention and hold it while driving a sale through, the right approach to web design is vital.

The power of your website doesn’t stop there. It’s an irreplaceable tool in the arsenal of your marketing team, helping it lure the target audience in.

Let’s take a quick look at what a well-designed website can do for you.

Search Engine Optimization

A beautiful website is nice for making a first impression. Meanwhile, “it’s what’s inside that counts.” A properly designed website is an irreplaceable assistant for your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Integrating keywords into the content, tweaking loading speed, managing meta tags and titles, designing URL for search friendliness, and much more are all part of the SEO campaign.

By implementing the above components at the website building stage, you can have a much easier time attracting your target audience than doing it after the website is ready.

User Friendliness and Navigation Simplicity

Now, let’s go back to the first impression. Today, the abundance of information is narrowing the collective attention span. For a business owner, it means that catching the target audience’s attention has become trickier.

That’s why if you fail to make your website attractive from the first glance, you could be in trouble. Smart web design involves making the website user-friendly and simple to browse. Such client-oriented appearance and functionality come with a myriad of nuances, which may not be obvious to an amateur website builder.

Trust and Credibility

With the overwhelming rise of new technologies, a poorly designed website is a trustbuster. An average internet user has browsed a variety of professionally designed websites. If by visiting yours, they see something too simple, they won’t trust your business.

After all, how can you trust a company, which isn’t ready to invest in the potential clients’ experience online?

A poorly built website makes people think about something shady while a professional website signals trust. According to, 75 percent of consumers admit that they judge businesses’ credibility based on their website’s appearance.

Content Arrangement Within Website Design

You’ve probably heard that when it comes to marketing, content is king. If you can find the right words, pictures, and videos, you can enjoy tremendous power over your target audience.

However, no matter how impeccable, useful, and enjoyable your content is, it’s not worth much unless placed properly.

Knowing when, where, and how to integrate content into your website is all part of smart design. If you want your content to drive sales, the right approach to its arrangement is priceless.

Lead Generation

A website is an excellent lead generation tool, but only if designed and optimized correctly. When visitors come to your website, your goal isn’t just to make them stay. You want potential clients to share their data for further marketing efforts.

With the right arrangement of calls to action, you can get the visitor to fill out a contact form (which also requires a special approach to design). Once you’ve acquired contact information, you have a lead to work with.

Final Thoughts on Website Design

Designing a website is an integral part of your brand awareness and marketing efforts. It’s often the only way to make a good first impression. In the 21st century, without the right approach to website design, it’s impossible to stay ahead of the competition.

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